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U.S. "li" upgrade: small cuts promote big changes in the industry

U.S. "li" upgrade: small cuts promote big changes in the industry

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(Summary description)The litchi industry in Guangdong increased production and income.

U.S. "li" upgrade: small cuts promote big changes in the industry

(Summary description)The litchi industry in Guangdong increased production and income.

  • Categories:COMPANY NEWS
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  • Time of issue:2020-06-05 21:29
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U.S. "li" upgrade: small cuts promote big changes in the industry

The litchi industry in Guangdong increased production and income.

"This year's lychee Chinese New Year, Li Nong originally expected to sell 5 yuan/jin, but the price has been stable at more than 10 yuan/jin since the beginning of the sale. Everyone is happy!" The lychee market made the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhenlong Town, Huiyang District. The mayor Chen Ji was overjoyed. This year, Huizhou's total output of lychee is expected to reach 87,000 tons. A bumper year is ushered in. The price trend has also exceeded the expectations of lychee farmers. Linong "increases production and income".

"I eat 300 lychees every day, and I will grow up to be a native of Lingnan." As a well-known Lingnan fruit, lychee has a long history of planting in Guangdong, and the province's planting area exceeds 4 million mu.

Under the epidemic, in the harvest year, the Guangdong litchi industry handed over a report card of high-quality development: data from the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs showed that this year Guangdong litchi was 4.1 million mu and the expected litchi output was 1.3 million tons, an increase of 66.6 over 2019. %. Product sales have overcome the impact of the new year's high yield and the epidemic, and the total output value of litchi planting (fresh fruit) in the province is expected to reach over 18 billion in 2020.

The production of lychee increases and the income is increased. The "low fruit hurts farmers" no longer, which makes millions of lychee farmers feel more rewarded. How did Guangdong do it?

Faced with the challenges brought by the epidemic, Guangdong has promoted major changes in the industry from a small cut in litchi, improved and strengthened the litchi industry brand, and promoted the high-quality development of the litchi industry. A beautiful "li" picture of poverty alleviation, enriching the people and rejuvenating agriculture is slowly unfolding on the land of Guangdong.


High-level coordinator twisted into a rope

Wearing a straw hat and carrying special scissors, Tan Tonghua, a villager in Lidong Village, Dong'an Town, Gaozhou City, Maoming City, started another day of work under the scorching sun. Tan Tonghua has more than 2,000 lychee trees bearing fruit this year, with an output of about 300,000 jin. It has been a relatively productive year since he planted lychee for 27 years.

"Litchi Danian encountered the new crown pneumonia epidemic again, traffic was not smooth, consumption was not prosperous, how to sell the fruit lychee that was used as a'snack'?" At first, Tan Tonghua found it difficult to be happy when he saw the tree full of lychees.

Driven by a series of government measures to help "lichee", he signed a contract with a familiar purchaser, sold the whole garden, and realized an increase in revenue. "The government works'home', and the publicity is well done, so lychees will be sold. Good price." The litchi market opened up steadily, and Tan Tonghua worked more vigorously.

"The world's litchi looks at China, and the Chinese litchi looks at Guangdong." The province has an area of 4.1 million mu of litchi, with an annual output of 1.3 million tons and an output value of more than 15 billion yuan, driving more than 1.8 million employees in the industry. There are more than 80 counties and cities in the province that plant litchi, 9 prefecture-level cities with a planting area of more than 100,000 mu, and 47 counties with an area of more than 15,000 mu.

Since late April, Guangdong lychees have been listed successively. It is necessary to focus on prevention and control, but also on production, and on marketing and increase in revenue. In the final year of the decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way and the decisive battle against poverty, the epidemic prevention and control cannot be slackened. There are more uncertain factors in the sales of litchi production in the new year.

Guangdong litchi Zhongda Nian encountered the adverse effects of the epidemic. 4.1 million mu of more than 1.3 million tons of Guangdong litchi were concentrated on the market, with a short shelf life. The challenge is at hand, and it is urgent.

In the face of challenges, Guangdong is based on the height of the province, has a high level of overall planning, and has an overall layout. The whole province is concentrated on promoting the high-quality development of the litchi industry.

Those who are aware change with time, and those who know are subject to change. As early as last year, Guangdong began planning the litchi "12221" campaign. Starting from the end of March this year, litchi has not yet matured to go on the market, and Guangdong litchi marketing series have been launched step by step. On March 27, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Notice on Continued Promotion of the "12221" Litchi Marketing Action in 2020", and the litchi marketing comprehensive plan sounded the clarion call.

A series of detailed measures are implemented in a unified pace. Guangdong lists a map of litchi in the whole province, dividing the five battle zones of litchi marketing. The province's marketing kick-off meeting, live broadcast promotion, production and sales docking, adoption and customization, Silk Road trip, northbound activities... From the past alone to now working side by side, the litchi marketing under integrated resources has become more vigorous.

Raising high and fighting high, a series of actions across the province slowly unfolded. On April 7, the province deployed the 2020 "12221" Litchi Marketing Action; on April 20, the 2020 Guangdong Litchi "12221" Marketing and Guangdong International Network Litchi Festival kicked off; May 20, the 4th China Litchi Industry conference held...

A lychee sales battle to test the "Guangdong style" has already begun.

confidence▶▷Enriching the People and Prospering Agriculture, Playing the "Four Cards"

"This lychee has a good taste, full and juicy, moderately sweet and sour." On the afternoon of May 10, Zhao Chunjiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, completed his first live broadcast. A total of 1.68 million viewers “watched” online and sold 20,000 kilograms of lychees in just half an hour.

Such scenes are almost normal. According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, the province has launched more than 100 live broadcasts, including online express trains, buyer meeting rooms, online celebrity live broadcasts, and origin live broadcasts. Professional purchasers watched more than 2 million online viewers. The line exceeds 300 million people, effectively driving the sales of lychee. In Maoming, for example, there are more than 13.6 million lychee e-commerce orders in the city, and the sales volume exceeds 50,000 tons, which is a two-fold increase over the same period last year.

Behind the popularity of live broadcast of litchi is Guangdong's exploration of making the litchi industry brand better and stronger, and promoting the high-quality development of the litchi industry. The development of litchi industry in Guangdong has played the "four cards" for poverty alleviation, enriching the people and rejuvenating agriculture:

Playing the industry card, the industry chain extends——

Guangdong closely integrates the development of the litchi industry with the promotion of rural revitalization, the advantages of food processing and manufacturing, and the demand for urban leisure and tourism, and promotes “big changes” in the litchi industry from a “small cut”.

Spikes of heavy lychee flowers bloomed in full bloom, and the breeze was blowing, and the air was filled with the unique fragrance of lychee flowers, attracting countless bees and butterflies. In April of this year, Conghua fully launched the online customization of lychee. On the day of the launch, the first batch of 1,000 lychee trees were booked within one hour of live broadcast, with sales of about 700,000 yuan.

"Participating in the Meili custom-made activities, in addition to selling some lychees in advance, it can also bring prosperity to rural tourism and other agricultural and sideline products during the picking season." Liao Qinghua, a villager in Jinggang Village, Taiping Town, Conghua District, smiled. He planted 12 acres of lychees. Properly, this year's guests praised his lychee as "beautiful", and the online customization of lychee also brought him a lot of "additional income".

This year, Conghua actively integrates resources to maximize the benefits of local tourism resources and the advantages of the litchi industry, and formally established the Conghua Meili Customization Alliance to promote the development of the integration of agriculture and tourism, and actively explore the promotion of "Litchi + e-commerce + charity + tourism + Internet celebrity live broadcast New models such as "carrying goods" open up the meridian of the primary and tertiary industries and promote the high-quality development of the litchi industry in Conghua.

Play a good market brand, litchi becomes a "net celebrity" product——

In the face of the epidemic, Guangdong relied on the digital platform of “guaranteed supply, stable price and peace of mind” for Guangdong agricultural products, and launched “cloud adoption”, one park and one live broadcast to help sales.

"This year we have really achieved a high yield and a good harvest." After selling out the last batch of lychees this year on July 1, Liu Ronghui, chairman of the Shanqian Litchi Professional Cooperative in Boluolonghua Town, Huizhou City, could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The Longhua Mountain Litchi Professional Cooperative this year has 3500 mu of litchi planting area, with a total output of 2760 tons. The mainstream lychee variety Guiwei has a high price of 12 yuan per catty, a median price of 8-9 yuan per catty, and a low price of 5-6 yuan per catty. Among them, e-commerce sales amounted to 780 tons, which helped cooperative fruit farmers sell lychees at a good price.

The development of overseas markets has become a bright spot. Huizhou lychees were exported to Singapore and Japan for the first time, and went to Chile to achieve a "zero breakthrough" in exports to the South American market... Guangdong lychees have already gone to the world. According to statistics, Guangdong lychees have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States and the United Kingdom, among which high-end markets such as the United States, Canada and Europe account for about 80% of Guangdong's lychee exports. From January to May 2020, the export volume and value of registered litchi orchards in Guangdong increased by 11.2% and 7.8% year-on-year respectively.

Play the technology card, and gradually solve the pain points and difficulties of industrial development——

"If you leave the original branch, the color will change in one day, and the taste will change in three days." Litchi preservation is difficult to process, and Guangdong attaches great importance to litchi processing and storage. Since the beginning of this year, the "Litchi post-harvest preservation and packaging standardization solution" and the "Litchi professional intelligent logistics distribution program" have entered the trial stage; the lychee "Jumbo Box" has been used in e-commerce applications in multiple production areas. The effect of keeping fresh within 3 days under express delivery conditions has been successfully verified.

Playing the cultural card, Guangdong litchi culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people——

On May 20, the world's first litchi-themed aircraft "Guangdong Litchi" rushed to the sky, carrying the cultural connotation of "Guangdong Litchi" to the world. "520" uses lychee to express love, China Southern Airlines’ lychee number, high-speed rail lychee train and other series of publicity activities, which pushed the Guangdong lychee brand promotion to a climax. The lychee sales market was boosted, and sales and prices were not affected by the epidemic, and yield benefits were realized. Double harvest.

From industry to market, from technology to culture, the "Four Cards" have injected new impetus for the high-quality development of Guangdong's litchi industry, allowing more fruit farmers to see the bright prospects brought by the litchi industry.

determination▶▷Focus on high quality, alleviate poverty and move towards well-off

The old stone mountain became a prosperous lychee forest, and the low-priced fruit that no one knew about was promoted to the high-end new retail brand li... These changes, the provincially designated impoverished village, Hejiang Town, Dashitou Village, Huazhou City. Liang Zhangwei, the vice president of Huazhou Heyi Planting Farmers Professional Cooperative and the co-founder of the "Stone Li" brand, sees it and enjoys it.

In the past, the lychee of Li Nong could only be sold through traditional wholesale channels, and the price was lower. “The best glutinous rice cakes were only 5-6 yuan per catty when they were on the market, and soon fell to about 3 yuan per catty.” Liang Zhangwei said that the economic benefits are not high, and many lynong farmers are relatively low in enthusiasm.

In June this year, under the guidance of the Secretariat of the Guangdong Agricultural Products Buyers Union (Guangdong Agricultural Exhibition Hall) and the Guangdong Litchi Industry Alliance, Zhongli Group sent an elite team to assist Dashitou Village in formulating lychee marketing plans and logistics plans, and smoothly decided the province. The stone lychee from Dashitou Village, a poor village, was sold to Hema in Beijing and entered the high-end market. It was awarded the top ten lychee brands in Guangdong most popular with consumers in Hangzhou and Chongqing.

The high-quality development of the litchi industry is making millions of litchi farmers more gainful in increasing their income against the trend.

"The income of litchi farmers has increased significantly. They are generally satisfied with the production, selling price and income of litchi this year, and their income has reached the highest level in history." Chen Houbin said that the price of high-quality litchi in the Pearl River Delta and East Guangdong has been strong this year, 2 higher than in 2018. —5 times or more. In Chen Houbin's view, Guangdong has become the "vanguard" in the production and sales of litchi in the country. In particular, a series of marketing activities in Guangdong have driven the production and sales of litchi in Hainan and Guangxi, and the national efficiency of litchi has improved.

The high-quality development of the litchi industry has injected new vitality into the high-quality development of Guangdong's agriculture.

The latest statistics of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Statistics show that from January to May this year, the province's first industry fixed asset investment took the lead to achieve positive growth, an increase of 12.9% year-on-year. Xu Yujuan, director of the Institute of Sericulture and Agricultural Products Processing, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that the litchi industry in our province has made considerable progress in terms of variety renewal, green production, output improvement, market expansion, cultural and brand building, and social influence. It provides more experience and reference for the high-quality development of agriculture in our province.

The high-quality development of the litchi industry reflects the new layout of high-quality agricultural development.

The "small cut" of Guangdong's litchi industry promotes the "big change" of the agricultural industry, and is driving the construction of other characteristic agricultural industry projects, the sales of agricultural products and the development of rural tourism, blazing a new path for the high-quality development of modern agriculture, and providing strong support for Guangdong to build a well-off society in an all-round way .

Gu Xingwei, director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province, said that the province’s agricultural and rural departments will earnestly implement the work deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on vigorously developing the industry for the prosperity of the people and the village, and focus on planning for lychee, improving the quality of lychee, and singing the lychee brand. , Expand the lychee market, promote the lychee culture, and let the farmers share the dividends brought by the development of the lychee industry.

Looking to the future, Guangdong is decisively defeating poverty alleviation with greater determination and greater strength, and is moving towards high-quality development.


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